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Hotel Lamu House is made up of two houses that provide the perfect holiday / vacation getaway on Lamu Island, Kenya. This luxury accommodation caters to both those holiday makers or business travellers to Lamu who require a room or rooms to rent; or to a holiday group or family who wish to book out the entire hotel. Both houses have been restored and adapted for western-style living, and preserve all the charm of traditional Swahili architecture but are designed to satisfy the needs of clients and travellers that choose to stay in the historic centre of Lamu for their business or holiday.

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Lamu House Lamu House

This section includes photographs of Lamu House - from the Lamu House hotel and its luxury accommodation to the interior of the Lamu House rooms, as well as photos of activities on Lamu Island that are available to hotel guests.

Lamu Lamu

The Lamu section has a selection of beautiful photographs from Lamu Island in Kenya - including Lamu archipelago, Lamu people and Lamu Town.

Travel Guide to Lamu Island, Kenya   Travel Guide to Lamu Island, Kenya

This section includes information about:

Kenyan flights & other transport

This has information about airlines that fly to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. From Nairobi to Lamu you can take Kenya Airways, Air Kenya (airlines) or SafariLink. For a trip full of experiences, you can take the only existing train in Kenya from Nairobi to Mombasa. There are buses and planes from Mombasa to Lamu.

Communication in Kenya

The language spoken in Lamu is Kiswahili. Most people also speak English. This section also includes info about phone calls and internet use from Lamu. Lamu House rents out pre-paid mobile phones.

When to visit Lamu Island

This section includes useful details of the temperatures and climate throughout the year in this East African country, so that you can best plan your holiday to Lamu.

Currency requirements for Kenya

The currency is the Kenyan Shilling. Details in this section include the amount of money you can enter and leave Kenya with, and info about bank and currency exchange offices in Nairobi and in Lamu.

Healthcare for holidays to Lamu, Kenya

This includes vaccine and immunication details that you should be aware of when travelling to Kenya, including tips on anti-malarial treatment.

Practical advice for a Kenyan holiday

This section includes information you'd need to know when planning a holiday to Kenya, including passport and visa advice for a vacation in Kenya.

For more information about a holiday to Kenya, visit Magical Kenya, the Kenyan tourism board.

  Information about Lamu House, Kenya   Information about Lamu House, Kenya

This section includes information about:

Lamu House

All the rooms in Lamu House are different; each hotel room possesses its own character and has a spacious bathroom, a dressing room and a private terrace. The rooms are best described as the sum of privacy...The town of Lamu, its inhabitants and the sea (dotted with dhows) can be viewed from every terrace. Lamu House is run by a team of dedicated and professional people who look after all those details, even the smallest ones, that make the travellers’ stay more than just pleasant. An excellent chef provides a variety of gastronomic delights from local Kenyan dishes naturally combined with the best international cuisine.

Hotel Room Prices

Price list includes prices for reserving a hotel room or booking the entire Lamu House.

Dhow's activities

Lamu House has two dhows (traditional Swahili sailboats) and offers excursions around the Lamu archipelago.

Other activities / things to do in Lamu

This includes Lamu museums, panoramic flights, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, trips on donkeys, and Swahili weddings.

Links relevant to Lamu Island, Kenya

Links to great sites of interest to anyone planning a trip to Lamu Island, Kenya.

Contact Lamu House

Contact details for Lamu House hotel reservations or enquiries.

Press clips about Lamu House, Kenya

This includes press cuttings from Marie Claire, the New York Times and many others

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